You will find the question and instructions in the file uploaded.
when looking at 4 articles make sure they are all linked to a particular issue. Also please make sure the first statement in the review makes it clear what aspect you are looking at and how the four articles will address that.
preferably for the articles to be based under crisis management
on the second page of the file uploaded you will find a list of topics you can choose from. the paper can be structured as follows. A short overview and a 200-250 words per artice. For example, sub topic article 1, article 2 etc
you can find articles that may help under this link . Please note you can only access this library for free before 30th November.
Also, you mind find these points helpful
1. What is the strategic and operational issue touched upon and how did they materialize?
2. How did the organizations deal with this issue or what risk management practices was suggested by the article to deal with the issue?
3. What could they have done better or improved?
Lastly, please attach the articles or links at the end of the paper. for example, a screenshot of the article if it’s not too long.