Please answer one of the following two questions in 750 words or less. (Less than 3 pages), double spaced).

For theorists in the early 20th century, both Charlotte Perkins Gilman and W.E.B. DuBois were very progressive theorists of gender and race. Yet, as we look back on them through history we also see that their definitions of race (Dubois) and gender (Gilman) are somewhat problematic. Describe ways in which Gilman’s use of gender and DuBois’s use of race were both progressive for their times and somewhat regressive when we look back at these definitions through history. Are there any similarities between Gilman and DuBois’s definitions? Please give examples to support your argument.
Max Weber is one of the most influential theorists of power, legitimacy, and authority. Right now the United States is in a constitutional crisis with President Trump’s power and authority at the center of the crisis. given trump’s role as President of the United States, what type of authority “should” Trump possess? Please give examples of how trump seems to reject this type of authority. What type of authority does Trump seem to desire for himself? Please give examples. According to Weber, why is Trump making a mistake in his quest for this type of authority? Given Trump’s choice, what does Weber predict will be the outcome of the Senate’s vote on impeachment?