CHEM 2020 Lab 5 Formal Report Questions
Fall 2017
NOTE: These questions only comprise a portion of your formal lab report. Please refer the formal report guidelines on Moodle for the complete set of instructions on how to write this report.
1.If a student performing lab 5 accidently used acetone as the reaction solvent instead of diethyl ether, whatwould the major organic product(s) be? Draw the structure of the product(s) using chemical drawing software as part of your answer and explain why it is formed (no mechanism necessary).
2.What was the purpose of adding magnesium sulfate in this experiment?
3.Grignard reagents react with both aldehyde and ketone functional groups. How do you predict the reactionrate would change if the aldehyde in lab 5 was switched to a ketone? Explain your answer.
4.Acid chlorides (R-COOCl) are a functional group that can be synthesized from a carboxylic acid, and are veryuseful as “building blocks” for a wide variety of reactions. They react with Grignard reagents in a 2:1 ratio of Grignard:acid chloride. Predict the major organic product of the following reaction and show the mechanism for how it is formed (using chemical drawing software). HINT: check chapter 10 of the textbook! Fall 2018