For this assignment choose a maximum of two standards taken from one theme (4Ps) within The Code, (NMC 2018) and discuss the underpinning professional knowledge, values and attributes in the delivery of evidence-based care in relation to one member of ‘The Family’.

Word count: 2000 +/- 10% (i.e. 1800-2200 words). Use at least 25 references.

Please note that your word count DOES NOT include your reference list but it DOES include anything you write from the start of your introduction through to the end of your conclusion. Only use direct quotes when absolutely necessary and make sure you repeatedly reference your discussions.


Chosen Theme: Practise effectively

With two Standarts:

  • Always practise in line with the best available evidence. To achieve this, you must:

 6.1 make sure that any information or advice given is evidence based including information relating to using any health and care products or services

6.2 maintain the knowledge and skills you need for safe and effective practice

  • Communicate clearly. To achieve this, you must:

 7.1 use terms that people in your care, colleagues and the public can understand

7.2 take reasonable steps to meet people’s language and communication needs, providing, wherever possible, assistance to those who need help to communicate their own or other people’s needs

 7.3 use a range of verbal and non-verbal communication methods, and consider cultural sensitivities, to better understand and respond to people’s personal and health needs

 7.4 check people’s understanding from time to time to keep misunderstanding or mistakes to a minimum

 7.5 be able to communicate clearly and effectively in English


Theme: Prioritising people Theme:

Practicing effectively

Theme: Preserving safety Theme:

Promoting professionalism

and trust



Treat people as individuals and uphold their dignity



Always practise in line with the best available evidence



Recognise and work within the limits of your competence



Uphold the reputation of your profession at all times

Communicate clearly Be open and candid with all service users about all aspects of care and treatment, including when any mistakes or harm have taken place Uphold your position as a registered nurse, midwife or nursing associate
Work co-operatively Always offer help if an emergency arises in your practice setting or anywhere else Fulfil all registration requirements Cooperate with all

investigations and audits

Listen to people and respond to their preferences and concerns Share your skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of people receiving care and your colleagues Act without delay if you believe that there is a risk to patient safety or public protection Respond to any complaints made against you professionally
Make sure that people’s physical, social and psychological needs are assessed and responded to Keep clear and accurate records relevant to your practice Raise concerns immediately if you believe a person is vulnerable or at risk and needs extra support and protection
Act in the best interests of people at all times Be accountable for your decisions to delegate tasks and duties to other people Advise on, prescribe, supply, dispense or administer medicines within the limits of your training and competence, the law, our guidance and other relevant policies, guidance and regulations
Respect people’s right to

privacy and confidentiality

Have in place an indemnity arrangement which provides appropriate cover for any practice you take on as a nurse, midwife or nursing associate in the United Kingdom Be aware of, and reduce as far as possible, any potential for harm associated with your practice


On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the personal and professional values required of an accountable
  2. Evaluate the importance of using an evidence base in nursing

Introduction: (approx. 200 words) The introduction should include an exploration of the focus of the assignment and discuss the way the study has been approached.

Elements you need to include…

  • Introduce the family member you have chosen and the associated problem.
  • State which Theme and Standards you have chosen?

Main body: (approx. 1600 words) · Logical progression and structure of discussion. A coherent flow of information/discussion with clear links back to the topic.

Elements you need to include…

  • Evidence for your chosen standards in the delivery of care for your family member
  • What constitutes professional knowledge?

What are the expected values and attributes of a nurse

Conclusion: (approx. 200 words) Summary of the main findings of your assignment.

Elements you need to include…

  • Summary of the main findings of your assignment in relation to
    • the underpinning professional knowledge,
    • values and attributes of being an accountable professional


This is a piece of academic writing so therefore you need to ensure that is written and presented appropriately i.e.:


  • ‘Cite them right’ for Citation and referencing.
  • See UoD video for Citation and
  • Proof read carefully- read out loud and hear your
  • Be wary of using spurious web sites- know your sources!
  • Avoid contractions for academic writing- don’t vs do