Case #3: Cirque du Soleil – The High – Wire Act of Building Sustainable Partnerships

In responding to each question ensure that your response is relevant to the purpose of the report.


  1. Identify and describe the current situation (circumstances requiring this report and the purpose of the report).
  2. Identify and describe the current corporate strategy. What makes these problems conclude?
  3. Identify and describe the current corporate. What can you conclude?
  4. Conduct a SWOT analysis and identify the core competitive advantages. What are your conclusions?
  5. Identify and describe the corporation’s value. What can you conclude?
  6. Conduct a market analysis (Product lines, geographic areas, customers). What can you conclude?
  7. Conduct an environment analysis. What can you conclude?
  8. Conduct a financial analysis using Exhibit #7 (% change and % of sales tables). What can you conclude?
  9. Identify and briefly discuss the strategic options available.
  10. What is your recommendation. Justify your recommendation.