You may answer questions with words or drawing which ever works best for you.  Please submit 1 document with the following 4 sections.  Send me email if you have any questions.

Great job this semester.


 Section 1: Definitions

  • Please define or identify the following terms. Each is worth 2 points. (20 points)
    1. Tropical Cyclone:
    2. Minerals & Rocks:
    3. Primary waves & Secondary waves:
    4. Richter Scale:
    5. Ice Age:
    6. Triple Point (as defined for H2O):
    7. Nimbus Clouds:
    8. Rock Cycle:
    9. What is the center of our solar system?
    10. What is the speed of light?

Section 2: Answer the following questions.  (4 points each 40points)

  1. What evidence (or event) was observed within 2018 that supports the continental drift theory? (You need to support you answer)
  2. What is the density equation and how can it be determined for rock and mineral samples?
  3. What does weather originate from?
  4. Why does quartz come in more then one color? And how can all be considered quartz?
  5. What is the Green House effect? (and could we survive without it?)
  6. Why are we unable to view a full moon 365 days a year? (explain in detail)
  7. List and define the 3 major types of rocks.
  8. In our discussion of earthquakes we covered the 3 major types of motion associated with them normal, thrust and slip-strike. What type of plate boundaries are associated with each type of fault?
  9. What are the 3 major types of bonding observed in rocks and minerals? Define the primary characteristics of each type of bond.

10) Clean drinking water is considered to be one of the key items to sustain life.  Please comment on the challenges associated with providing all access to it.  I would expect you to comment in the following areas; contamination, purification and distribution.

Section 3:  “Longest Short answer” (15 Points each 30 points)

  1. The global climate is changing. Many of the changes being experienced are believed to be caused by our use and the development of materials.  How are the aspects of our lives (yours) related to these changes and what could be done the in the future help make changes (or slow changes) in our global environment.  In your discussion I am looking for you to relate and comment on topics including, global warming, technology, green solutions and weather.  It is important for you to draw at least 2 connections in your response to show your understanding of the global nature of the issue.
  2. Find a current scientific article (that relates to topics cover this term) and review it for me. Just as you have in the discussion portion of the class all semester. You review should be one paragraph and include a reference.  (this should be a current article not one from “weeks” ago and not one you previously reviewed)

Section 4: Projects  (10 Points)

  1. In your work on your term project what was the most surprising thing you learned? Discuss this and share how it will make you think about global challenges more scientifically?