This is an essay talking about how do you think what the author think after reading the book. This is an academic essay.That means that you must argue your point using evidence from your book.

To present the range of things they can write about in their essays.
To present various ways of organizing their essays.
To present ways of evaluating the quality of their own work.
To establish procedures for proofreading.

Things to discuss:
PARA1: (~200WORDS)
1)The origin and background of the writer
2)Reasons for travelling to the new country
3)Is the writer to any extent an insider to the foreign culture?
4)Ways of understanding the new country.

How does the writer present what is strange and amazing? ( ~250words

1)Something better than at home.
2)This makes me appreciate my home country more.
3)Finding the familiar in the unfamiliar.
4)Would you criticize the writer for just presenting things as “weird,” without any effort at human understanding?
5)Does the strange and amazing become familiar to the writer in the course of the book?

PARA4 (choose one to explain ~200words)
1)How does the writer use previous knowledge of the foreign culture? Did s/he do research, or is previous knowledge just vague? How does previous (or subsequent) knowledge appear in the book? Why does s/he present it in a particular way, in particular place in the text?
2)Does the writer see something visible, and try to think his/her way into a larger understanding, whether it is historical, political, cultural, or whatever? If so, how? If not, would you criticize the writer for not doing this?

The writer as writer (choose 1-2 to talk about it ~300words)

1)How does the writer start and end the book? Why?
2)How does the writer start and end each chapter? Why?
3)Does this writer tell the story in the order in which it happened, or begin in the middle, and then go back? Or something else? Why?
4)Does the writer use metaphors to help the reader to understand ideas? How?
5)Does the writer use metaphors to make the reader feel something? How?
6)Does the writer ever use elements of a foreign language? Are they always translated? Why?
7)Is the book funny? How would you describe the humour of this writer? Give examples. Does the writer ever seem to be mocking the foreign culture? Does s/he ever seem to be mocking his/her own culture?
8)Does the book stress the dangers of the voyage to make it exciting? Does this work for you?
9)Does the writer use vivid description to make you feel that you are there? Is this successful, in your experience? If so, how did the writer achieve this?