Federal and Corporate Funding Gaps in HIV/AIDS Resources for Small Non-Profit and Grass Roots Latinx Organizations in the Deeps South

Few resources exist that are centered on the Latinx community to address their unique experiences, including bilingual and culturally-tailored messaging, resources, and services related to HIV/AIDS.

Research Questions:

  1. What is resources are currently available to these organization?
  2. From and organizational perspective, what resources do minority-led orgs need to be better supported in obtaining grant funding?
  3. What do minority-operated orgs need (resources) to meet the needs of their targeted communities?
  4. What are the barriers for organizations in applying for funding?

Focus of Literature Review:

The focus of the literature review will be to analyze Federal Funding and Corporate Funding opportunities in the Deep South. Review how many opportunities are unique to Latinx HIV/AIDS serving organizations. Additionally, to research barriers that these organizations face in seeking funding opportunism.

Significance of the Study:

The significance of this study is to bring awareness to the lack of resources and barriers facing grant writers and funding seekers that are leading Latinx organizations. From my current research I have not been able to find articles that address this topic are and content.


Informal Interviews


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