For any healthcare activity, three performance factors can be measured: structure, process, and

outcome. Consider the following hospital admission process:

Upon arrival, the patient reports to the hospital registration or admitting area. The patient completes paperwork and provides an insurance identification card, if insured. Often, patients register before the date of hospital admission to facilitate the registration process.

An identification bracelet, including the patient’s name and doctor’s name, is placed around the patient’s wrist. Before any procedure is performed or any form of medical care is provided, the patient is asked to sign a consent form. If the patient is not feeling well, a family member or caregiver can help the patient complete the admission process.

Identify one structure measure, one process measure, and one outcome measure that could be used to evaluate this hospital admission process. Analyze each of these measures in fundamental terms.

The manager of the hospital registration area wants to improve the admissions process and has asked you design a plan how best to do so, based on the data measures you identified in the previous paragraph.

Identify and describe the data you would use to report performance results for the measures you have chosen. What data source could be used to gather information for the measures?

Why would these data sources be best for gathering reliable data?

Your PPT presentation should be well-rounded with the following information:

  • Describes the problem areas.
  • Clearly describes the hospital admission and registration measurements chosen and provide an analysis of how your data will help improve this process.
  • Provides three actionable recommendations for the manager of the hospital registration

area to consider implementing to improve the hospital’s admission and registration processes.