An introduction to the research topic is included. Definitions of important terms included. The research question is developed; aims of the review and rationale are clear —-10%

Search strategy is explained, databases are appropriate and comprehensive, inclusion and exclusion criteria are systematically applied. Critical appraisal tool discussed and rationale for use included—20%
Review demonstrates critical analysis of the study designs and findings using an appropriate appraisal tool. Well supported conclusions (themes) are drawn about the literature included in the review. —- 35%
Review discusses implications of the findings in relation to other literature. Recommendations for future practice, education, management and research discussed. — 25%
Demonstrate logical and coherent development in your work it must be clearly presented.
You will have;
Structured your essay in a logical manner including an introduction and summary or conclusion.
Demonstrated a coherent line of discussion.

Use of accurate and recognised referencing system.
Included an accurate and complete reference list.