This Announcement will be the guidance that you need in order to complete the term paper assignment.

In brief, you need to pull the latest Def 14a report and the latest 10k report from the Edgar database for the company that you have chosen. The Edgar database is compiled by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The website for Edgar is:   The basic thesis of your paper will be:  Should I buy or sell stock in this company?  If you cannot find the above reports, that means that the company is not public ally traded.  You can only do a paper on a public ally traded company.The way you will get to this answer is by doing the following: (1) read the latest def 14a and 10k reports (2)  highlight the reasons why you would buy or not buy this company (this information is found in the two reports and is subjective) (3) highlight the reasons  why you would not buy this company (this information is found in the two reports and is subjective) (4) In your opinion, do the pro’s of buying stock in your company outweigh the con’s, then you answer to the thesis of this paper would be YES and vice versa.


It is important that you incorporate concepts from the text when making your argument as to whether you would buy stock in your company.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Also, you should also incorporate information from other research sources (i.e. analyst ratings on the company, etc..)


Basically, the format of the paper is very much like the discussion topics that you have been working on.  There is no right or wrong answer in this assignment.  You will be graded on how well you outline your argument and how well you incorporate the concepts from the text into your argument.  Remember, for every person who buys a share of stock in the company there has to also be a person who sells shares in the company.  Thus, one person might argue the case that stock should be purchased while another person might argue just the opposite.  This is what makes the market for stock securities work in this country.



The term paper should be approximately 10 pages doubled space.  If you copy any information from the above mentioned reports or your textbook, you will need to cite the source of the information copied.  When submitting your term paper, it should be attached to a Message that you send to me.


Term papers are to be sent to me via an attachment to a Message.


If you should have any questions regarding this assignment, please Message me at your earliest convenience.  Good luck!




I would just like to go over a couple of points about your term paper so that there is no confusion as to what I am expecting.  The term paper makes up a big portion of your grade.  I would recommend that you spend a lot of time on this assignment.  The term paper is similar to discussion topics except that it is ten pages long.  What I will be looking for with this assignment is as follows:


  1. I DO NOT want a book report about the company you are doing your paper on.


  1. After reading the appropriate reports, you will need to state what economic principles are effecting your

company.  There probably are multiple principles.


  1. Once you identify the economic principles, you will need to define said principles.


  1. You will need to do outside research on the economic principles that apply to the company. Charts, graphs, data

is a must for this assignment.  You should have numerous sources of research.


  1. Finally, you will need to state whether the economic principles as outlined in your paper are positives or negatives

for the company.  If there are more positive principles then negative ones, you should state that you want to be a

buyer of the stock and vice versa.  Every paper should include a ten year stock price chart for the company you



I hope this is helpful.