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M3. Discussion-Thinking About Emotions

M3 Leadership Adapting Styles



Listen and take notes on the following video.  Thinking about your personal EI leadership style, how have you learned new ways to think about the integration of emotional and thinking (EI) that leads to higher leader performance.  Give examples. 150 words I length

M4.2 Conditions of Worth Results

Please complete the “Conditions of Worth” assessment located on (page 107) of your course book. Then total your results (page 108); and read about the Releasers from the condition (page 108-110). Conditions of Worth Template .

Next place your totaled results in the attached slide template and place your top 3 (highest scored totals) to the right of your results in the slide.  Be sure to place the releaser words that you read in this assignment for your given 3 categories.

please include analysis of findings/ interference and provide improvement actions

M5. Personal EI Reflectiveness

Looking for the roots of where your primary ‘interferences’ where they were shaped and then reinforced up to today.

There are 4 activities in this assignment You will use words and pictures to describe the shaping events and your responses.  At the conclusion, you will have greater insight into tapping the roots of your interferences and rethinking the events in new contextual meaning that will ‘unravel’ the binding forces of your interferences.

My Timeline:

My Lost History:

My Interference Roots:

Rewriting My Story:

  1. Refer to your EI Sparrow and Knight (2009) book (pages 171-172) “Your Timeline and Lost History”.
  2. Create 4 slides; labeled 1) “My Timeline”; 2) My Lost History”; 3) “My Interference Roots”; and 4) “Rewriting My Story”
  3. Slide 1:   Create Your Time Line (refer to page 171) for more details.
  4. Slide 2:   Identify Your Lost History (refer to page 172) for more details.
  5. Slide 3:   From slide 1&2 activity, do you see themes in your shaping of your interferences throughout your lifetime?  Describe them; can you identify the root (where it began; and the sub-roots of where the interference was reinforced?)  Capture these thoughts on slide 3
  6. Slide 4:   Now think about what you have identified as ‘interference roots’ from slide 3.  Create words and pictures of how you can rewrite your story themes from the past that build you up; versus create those conditions of worth shaping messages.  Now place that content in the slide 4.
  7. Submit these slides with a cover page

M6. Discussion 6: 21 Days EI Commitment

  1. Prior to start your 21-Days EI Change Activity, it is important from an EI perspective to set your “EI Commitment Goals”.  Specifically, what positive behavior are you anticipating to achieve that is currently an EI Interference?
  2. Refer to your Conditions of Worth Assessment findings (top 3 EI Interferences) that you identified; you will be picking one to work on improving for 21 days.  Therefore, you will write your commitment statement toward ONE of your top 3 EI Interference.
  3. Download the 21-days Change Plan Template attachment.  Complete the first portion of the 21-days plan by “Writing Your Commitment Statement” for higher EI; and then evaluate your current and anticipated behavior you wish to achieve.
  4. Submit ONLY all of the paper (even though there are 21-days of other activities listed in tables below your section).  This will form the basis of your next 3-weeks work for improving your EI competencies.

M6. WK 1 EI Change Activity

Submit EI 21-Days Template; with Commit Statement Added and current and goal behavior you desire.

This week you will submit the SAME document; except you have added the Wk1 EI Change Activities (Complete each Day’s Block and Answer ALL Questions for Each Day).

M7. WK 2 EI Change Activity

Please be sure you are submitting your accumulated content (e.g., commitment statement, current behavior/goal behavior, Wk1, Wk2).

Continue Wk2 daily journaling of EI activities, answering all questions for each day.


M8. WK 3 EI Change Activity + Summary

Please be sure you are submitting your accumulated content (e.g., commitment statement, current behavior/goal behavior, Wk1, Wk2, Wk3 AND SUMMARY ANALYSIS PAGE.

Be sure to submit your final paper with EI experience analysis (after Wk3) in the SAME document

M6 Colin Powell and Leadership

Please access and review Colin Powell’s 13 Leadership Qualities (Links to an external site.)

Then thinking about what EI scales you have studied in this course content, write your own 13 EI Leadership Qualities (drawing upon the Sparrow and Knight scales for higher EI performance).  Put in your own words!