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Module 4 – Case


Assignment Overview

Choose a U.S. public company that you are familiar with or one in which you may have an interest. You will now have the opportunity to apply some of the concepts reviewed in the prior modules to the financial statements of a company of your choice. The background material in Modules 2 and 3 cover the concepts relating to the balance sheet and income statement.

Case Assignment


  • Briefly explain your interest in the company and its business.
  • Go to the company’s website and locate the most recent annual financial statement (10-K or Annual Report). Include a screenshot of the website and a link to the financial statement in your write-up.
  • Download and save the financial statement. Submit the file as separate file as part of the assignment.
  • Does the corporation have an operating income or loss?
  • What is the amount of total assets on the balance sheet?
  • What type of the information is found in Statement of shareholders equity?
  • What type of the information is found in Statement of cash flows?
  • How is the statement of cash flow different than the income statement?
  • The report includes a lot of information in addition to the financial statements. Provide examples of two other kinds of content and makes a brief comment about each example.

Assignment Expectations

Respond to all questions showing your computations and/or using your own words. Do not use an essay format.

Show sources when appropriate and APA format is suggested, but not required.

  • The objective for this assignment is to apply ratio analysis using financial statements of a U.S. public company.