Many large organizations have branches spread out across large distances. Sometimes they are within only miles of one another. After studying the different connection methods, determine your answer to the following.

Note: This situation was taken from a real tech support request.

Your client has an administrative and design center in a building (BLDG #1). The manufacturing center (BLDG #2) is 3 miles away in a different building. The idea is to be able to connect the two locations together so that data files can be shared and VoIP telephones used. Decisions need to be made as to whether there will be a monthly cost involved or a one time cost for equipment. The buildings do have direct line of sight with no interference. Each location is serviced by the same ISP. The solution should be scalable to cover future operations.

What would you propose so that the company can link its operations?

Please provide facts to back up your proposed solution and pricing when possible.

The paper should follow all APA guidelines. A reference page needs to be included. Any drawn diagrams should be listed in the appendix section of the paper.
Paper Length 3-4 pages