Instructions:  Here are the essay questions you will need to answer for our class on Wednesday, February 26.

Your answers need to be created outside of class and printed on paper.  Be prepared to engage in a class discussion that will contribute to a whole class exercise in answering the questions. Your paper will be submitted and reviewed individually for point value determination.

  1. Compare and contrast the motivational concepts and systems set forth by Freud, Jung, and Adler in their respective theories of personality.  What “driving forces” did each theorist rely upon that propels or moves us through life.  You may also want to discuss what may happen if those forces are thwarted or prevented from being expressed or experienced.
  2. Discuss how each of the three theorists address what is needed to take steps to develop a healthy personality.

Make sure you use appropriate vocabulary and terms used by each theorist to illustrate the points you are making (e.g., Adler—style of life and creative power)

Be sure to cite information from our text or other reference material you are utilizing to support your answers.