Carry out a detailed language observation on a child age 3 preschool engaging with a practitioner. Analyze the developing speech and language recorded, drawing on relevant theory, government initiatives and frameworks to support their work. Reflect on the key issues that affect children’s language and communication.
Give a critical evaluation of the role of an effective practitioner in providing a language rich environment and opportunities for purposeful interactions. An understanding and use of specialist speech and language terminology. The module will examine the use of synthetic systematic phonics in the EY and the knowledge of how rhyme, rhythm, sound and song help to develop children’s speech. Critically analyze and apply the theories of language acquisition and speech development.
Apply appropriate terminology to discuss and identify patterns of children’s linguistic and conceptual development, demonstrating an understanding of individual developmental variations.
Critically reflect on socio-cultural factors that may impact on the development of children’s language.
Demonstrate an awareness of the importance of developing partnerships with parents.
Read module guide and use some of the course reading materials and suggestions.