Final Project Proposal Form.

Aim: The main objective of the study is to investigate various systems of monitoring networks that can be implemented in business enterprises to mitigate security threats from cyber-attacks. The study will provide recommendations on the most viable network framework proposal suitable for monitoring network systems.


  1. Identify existing security vulnerabilities that may be exploited during cyber-attacks on network systems.
  2. Evaluate the recommended solution effective to offer protection to enterprise network security using a developed prototype for monitoring networks. The flexibility of the system is key to incorporating other elements like systems of database storage.
  • Develop a customised network security protocol to mitigate and monitor threats posed to the network system of the enterprise to control any existing risks.
  1. Establish well-documented policies outlining the authorized personnel with the mandate of operating the network resources to avoid unnecessary breaches of the enterprise network security protocols.


Currently, the technological world is experiencing rapid changes due to innovative processes. Therefore, cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a key area of concern due to the constant cyber-attacks on network systems. This study seeks to investigate enterprise network systems to identify effective ways of monitoring these systems. The project is aimed at establishing solutions to improving the performance of network systems against failure posed by security threats.

Facilities required:

  1. Anti-virus software: Any potential viruses can be identified and eliminated by the software when network administrators scan enterprise network systems in a bid to keep systems free from security attacks.
  2. Server: The server acts as the storage unit for network resources such as files, software applications of security configuration, as well as databases. Serve is used as a primary tool to maintain confidentiality by restricting personnel to protect the network and improve its performance.
  • Firewall: This tool is useful in monitoring and identifying any potential network threats. Therefore, it should be installed with proper configurations to maintain its functionality against possible network attacks.
  1. Ethernet cables: This equipment is used in the network connection between computers and servers. The cables ensure the workability of networks and information transfer.
  2. Operating system: Network monitoring systems are incorporated in various operating systems such as Linux and Windows. The operating system is configured to work effectively by enabling the proposed solution to function and protect the network systems efficiently.
  3. Intrusion detection system: The system works in conjunction with the network monitoring system to maintain a threat-free environment within networks.