Identify one person who you believe possesses primarily leadership behaviors and one who possesses primarily management behaviors. Craft a 3-4-page APA formatted paper using at least 2 sources that answers the following questions:
-What are the different types of behaviors you observe between these two individuals.
-How effective are each individual in their roles and what suggestions might you make to help each of them improve?
-Based on the two individuals, which one would you aspire to want to be more like and why?
-What might be some strategies you could consider implementing to help enhance your leadership or management behaviors and why might this be beneficial to your personal or professional lives?

**I started this paper and simply do not have time to finish so I’m throwing in the white flag. I’ll attach it under Additional Materials, feel free to use what I started with OR NOT. It seriously does not matter, if something else is easier or better go for it. Thank you!**