The patient just graduated college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is working full-time for the Department of Transportation. He is 25 years old, diabetic and lactose intolerant. His blood pressure is 134/91, he weighs 225lb, he is 5ft 9in tall and his waist circumference is 44in. He had a cholecystectomy when he was 24 years old and has experienced an increased number of bowel movements and some gastrointestinal discomfort since he had the surgery. He also expressed that he does not eat dairy products in general but he usually eats two containers of yogurt every day (see food label below) as a snack because its easy and convenient for him. When asked about his daily physical activity, he admits to only walking around his neighborhood maybe once a month. He was asked to keep a record of his diet for a week and these are some of the results: 3425 kcal/day (total intake), 1321 kcal from lipids, 250 kcal from protein and 1854 kcal from carbohydrates. *show work for calculations for partial credit

Is he overweight or obese? Why?
What method would you choose to estimate BFP if it’s necessary? Why?
Is he eating more or less than he should? Why?
How many grams of protein should he ingest on a daily basis to maintain (in a healthy way) his current weight?
What are some of the problems with his current diet? (be specific and backup your answer with data) What dietary changes should he make to help him lose weight?
What percentage of his daily value of protein (based on his EER) does he get from eating yogurt?
Based on his medical history, why do you think he eats yogurt every day?
What do you think is the cause of his increased frequency of bowel movements and gastrointestinal discomfort he has experienced since his surgery?