2) The Nonprofit: You will be assigned a nonprofit organization from the list below. Do some research on it to find out the following pieces of information: a) Who founded the group, where did it start, and when did it begin? If the group has been around for a number of years, you will need to condense your discussion of the group’s history. b) What is the group’s mission statement? (Summarize this if it’s long.) To what crisis is the group responding? c) What exactly do they do? Provide an example. d) How do they get their funding, and who makes up their workforce? e) Are there testimonials from third parties as to the effectiveness of the organization’s work, and what do those third parties say? You must refer to your sources in your paper and document them with parenthetical citations and a works cited list. Use the MLA Handbook and our course materials on documentation to discover how to cite your sources.After you have set forth this information, you should conclude by offering your critique of the organization itself. Do you think it pursues a worthy cause? Does it appeal to you at all? Why or why not?
You must do your essay on the following group:
Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Writer and Audience:

To make this assignment more personal, you might pretend that you are a roving reporter presenting your material to a TV audience. If you are writing about the Human Condition, you could present your response to the reading in the form of a review, as if you were providing a movie review to your audience. If you write about the nonprofit, pretend to be a reporter investigating the organization and informing your audience about it as a feature piece on a nightly newscast.

Some sources need to come from CharityWatch, Charity Navigator, or GuideStar.