Assignment : Complete Partial Literature Review

Points: 100


The purpose of this assignment is to write partial literature review for critique by the instructor.


In a literature review, you are synthesizing information not reporting it as in an essay. Watch the video and complete this assignment

Writing an Article Synthesis (6:18 min) (Links to an external site.)
Writing an Article Synthesis transcript (Links to an external site.)

Follow these guidelines:

  • Use the outline you created previously. Now, elaborate on your outline to include a synthesis of what you found about your topic. Discuss this in at least 3 main well developed themes. The following sub points will help your identify your themes:
    • Identify relationships among the research you found.
    • For each topic and subtopic you outlined, determine what the articles have in common and what is different.
      • Are any different? How are they different? Do they contradict each other?
    • What is the conclusion of each study? What relationships can you infer? Did any themes appear?
  • Critique of the evidence and discuss strengths and weakness of the studies.
  • Explain gaps identified in the research.
  • Discuss the comparison of your own practice with the research.
  • Conclude with the answer to your PICOT question.

Note: This is a partial literature review draft. Your Final paper is still ahead due in week 8.

Similarity Score

  • After submitting your assignment, select Submission Details to view your similarity score.
  • Your similarity score will appear as a percentage next to your submitted file.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for your similarity score to appear.

Rubric: Please follow closely this rubric!!!!!

Partial Literature Review

Partial Literature Review
Criteria Ratings Pts
Introduction and Search History 3.0 pts
Integration/Synthesis of the Evidence

Present 3 “themes” across the studies (Similarities in results? Dissimilarities of results?). Within each theme, present the evidence from the studies.

15.0 pts
Critique of the Evidence

Discussion of your overall impression of the quality of the evidence (refer to the critique guidelines in the Melnyk book). Synthesized

7.0 pts
Gaps in the Evidence

What is missing from the evidence? What areas need further study?

7.0 pts
Comparison To Your Own Practice

How does what you found in the evidence (specific findings) align with your own experience/practice? Feasibility of changing practice, if warranted? Barriers to changing practice?

3.0 pts

Restate key points from synthesis; implications for practice/research.

5.0 pts
Spelling, Grammar, and Editing

Use 10 primary research articles for this review

2.0 pts

Topic sentences, clarify, logical flow, development/coherence, and paraphrasing/quotes.

5.0 pts
APA Format

Title page, headings, citations in text, references, and copies of articles included.

3.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0