Attitudes to Publicly Available Genetic Information

Please fill out this questionnaire prior to reading the leaflet provided.

2) What is your role at the university? Student

Student (Course):


Other (Please Specify):

3) Have you heard of any genetic testing companies, such as 23andMe or Yes
4) Do you have any reservations about using these products?


5) Have you ever used 23andMe or or any other genetic testing company?

i.      Are you aware of any of the services provided by these companies?





6) If you answered yes to question 5:

i.              Which company did you use?


ii.            Were you aware of other gene testing services other than the one you used? 23andMe/

Other (please specify):



Yes  /  No

7) If you answered no to question 5:

i.     Have you ever heard of these genetic testing companies?

ii. Have you ever considered/ thought about using them?


▫ Would you ever use them?

▫ If yes, what you would use these tests for?







8) Do you believe this form of testing should be available on the NHS for everyone to have access to? No
  • Would you want to find out if you were at increased risk of developing No certain genetic conditions? (e.g. T2DM, Huntington’s Disease, Breast


  1. Would you be more willing to find out if the genetic condition was Yes  curable or early diagnosis improved the outcome?


  • To what extent do you think it is important that you are presented with information about your genetic risk? (1 = unimportant, 10 = vitally important)


1      2      3     4     (5)     6     7     8     9     10

11) If you found out you were at increased risk of a genetic condition, would you go to a medical professional to have your results explained?


12) Are you aware of any of the implications genetic testing can have on your family?


13) Would you discuss the potential implications of undergoing such testing with your family prior to taking part?

i.      If you have undergone DTC testing already which provided you with medical information relevant to other family members, did you discuss this with them?





14) Are you aware of how these companies use your Personal Information/ data (i.e. name, email, street address, genetic information)?


To some extent
15) Are you aware that these companies use your data for research purposes?


16) Would you be happy for your genetic information to be used for research purposes?




17) Are you aware that once your data has been used for research, you may not be able to withdraw your genetic information?


18) Were you aware that your genetic information can be used by the police?


19) Would you be happy for your genetic information to be used to aid police investigations?


20) Are you aware of other ways in which these companies use your data? Please add additional information regarding the ways in which these companies may use your data that you are aware of.




21) How well do you think you would be able to understand your results? (1 = not at all, 10 = fully)


1      2      3     (4)     5     6     7     8     9     10