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 a10-page paper using the Evidence Informed Process (EIP) Model,to include:

Introduction: Describe district (location, demographics, populations served, size of school, vision, mission, district goals, etc.)  Hi, the district that I want you to describe is Sunnyvale School District (please this teacher is very familiar with this district and knows very well, so please make sure you are as accurate as you can be.)

Design Context:  Choose a problem of practice that is already identified in your school/district’s LCAP.  Recall that the EIP Model is based on identification of a problem that the client system wants to resolve.  I am focusing on goal number 4th specifically parents’ engagement.  ( Goal 4 Increase and deepen opportunities for family education. )   page 151 LCAP goal 2018-2019. Page 151-161_

 State and/or Local Priorities addressed by this goal:

State Priorities:

Priority 2: State Standards (Conditions of Learning)      

 Priority 3: Parental Involvement (Engagement)     ( I am focusing parental involvement)    

 Priority 4: Pupil Achievement (Pupil Outcomes)       

 Priority 5: Pupil Engagement (Engagement)       

 Priority 8: Other Pupil Outcomes (Pupil Outcomes)       


Question: Create of an answerable question related to the problem and engage the interest of the system (if possible, interview principal, cabinet, etc. to further explore the problem and possible solutions).

What contributes to the success you have when it comes to family engagement?

What did you do to promote the high levels of parent involvement you currently have in your school?  What challenges do you face as the principle in attempting to increase parent involvement?

What resources, supports, expertise did you used to get the success you have with family/parents engagement? ( those are the questions that I want to ask the principle )

Assessment: How do you know it’s a problem?  What data exists (surveys, interviews, reports, etc.)? How does it affect teaching and learning?  What impact does this problem have on the school environment? Why does this matter to the school community (students, parents, administrators, board, etc.)? What strengths exist within school community to address this issue? ( Data Source:  California Healthy Kids Survey . Please make sur you add percentage of the data and so on)


Evidence:  What does the research say about this issue?  What best practices already exist to address this problem?  What does the research say about best practices? with the specific populations served at your site?  MY SITE IS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  ( kindergarten through 5th grade)

What is your Theory of Action that will guide your interventions?   Based on what you have learned, what intervention (s) do you suggest? Provide an evidence-based rationale for your intervention. What other stakeholders might need to be engaged in the process?  Intervention will be Motivation interviewing, at Sunnyvale school  district they use motivation intervention within the class room, at SARB (School Attendance Review Boards)  meetings, SST (Student Study Team ), IEP individualized education program)  meetings, social worker within the school use the Motivation interviewing assessments, check ins meeting with parents )