End of Life Plan

In order to understand the process of aging on a personal level and apply the theories of adult psychology to a real-world context, this final project will challenge you to look and your own life and plan into the future.  This project should be worked on throughout the semester.  It should reflect your own life plan…so imagine that you live a full life and die at an appropriate age (not suddenly by accident).

  1. Summarize the major achievements of your life – both professionally and personally. Be sure to include all academic degrees and/or certifications you earned which were needed professionally.  Were you licensed as a professional?  What kind of work did you do?  How long were you employed?  Include your marital status, friendships, and descendants; and write about the social and emotional benefits and challenges of these relationships.
  2. What will be your cause of death? Choose a disease that will be listed as the cause of death on your death certificate and research the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional aspects of having had this disease.  Select at least two professional, peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles that you will read and incorporate into your paper related to  the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional aspects of this disease. Was there a family history of this disease (did either of your biological parents or siblings have this disease?)  How long did you live with this disease?  How did the disease progress and affect you as you aged?
  3. Plan your Memorial Service or Funeral. There are several websites that offer suggestions for how to do this, and you can use them (be sure to list them in your References), but you are also required to visit a funeral director and ask about costs involved with what you would like (for example, do you want your remains cremated or buried?  How much does each cost?).  Attach a worksheet from the funeral director with their name/address/phone number listed.


  1. Create and attach a Living Will – these are available online from many websites, so locate one and complete it (you do not need to have it notarized or employ a lawyer, but it should reflect your current wishes for end-of-life care).


  1. Write and attach your Obituary.


  1. Conclusion: This should be 1-2 paragraphs detailing what you have learned by working on this End of Life Plan.  It is a personal reflection on this course and process of planning the rest of your life, including the end of your life.


Your paper should include at least one major theory of adult psychology you have learned about during this course.  Incorporate the theory into your paper where appropriate.  At least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles should be used as well as other sources as appropriate.  You may use our textbook as a source.  The paper should be written in APA format, double-spaced, 12 point font.  It should be submitted through TurnItIn found in our Blackboard course under Assignments; and a hard copy should be submitted to your Instructor (this can be mailed or hand-delivered to Prof. McElroy, Atlantic Cape Community College, 5100 Black Horse Pike, Room A-123, Mays Landing, NJ   08330).