Thesis Topic (working title):
The impact of Youtube’s user-generated videos on the UAE’s perceived tourism image.
The fast-paced technological advances in the field of content creation is taking the world by storm.
More than ever before, technologies used in content creation has become faster, more accessible,
and cheaper. These advancements paved the way for audiences to move to the other side of the
spectrum and become senders of media messages rather than just receivers. This study investigates
how user-generated online videos (UGOV) on youtube shape the image of the UAE as a tourist
destination. Furthermore, it also attempts to provide better insight into technologies that are used by
audiences to create video content related to tourism in the UAE.
Research questions:
The paper will seek to answer the following questions:
1- How do youtube audiences perceive the UAE as a tourist destination through user-generated
content ?
2- Is the UAE image as a tourist destination perceived positively or negatively by audiences ?