Prompt: In the “Mind Fixers” by Anne Harrington, she argues that not only did the “biological revolution” in 1980s American psychiatry not rest on fundamental new biological understandings of mental illness and fail to deliver on its promises, but it also created a highly distorted view of the history of psychiatry in since the late 19th century. This view of the history of the field posited a successful biological approach to mental illness in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that was interrupted by the false allure of Freudian psychiatry. The psychiatrists of the 1980s claimed to be returning to this older research program that had been sidelined by the Freudians.
In an 8 page critical review, discuss how well she makes her case. What are the strengths of her argument? What are its weaknesses? Be sure to cite evidence from the book to make your case.

The only source used should by the book “Mind Fixers” by Anne Harrington (2019)