Financial and Resource Management MAN4FRM
Assignment 1 support document
The following is to support you in your submission for the above module, it should be used in conjunction with the module learning materials and information/guidance from the Module Tutor team.
Submission date and time: Thursday 12 December, 10.00 a.m. UK time
Reflective Questions
Below are some questions to help you consider what is required for the assignment. They are intended to prompt your preparation and planning of your assignment submission.
Please note, this is NOT a definitive list; you need to ensure that you are clear on the requirements of the task then apply the relevant aspects of your learning, reading and experience to complete it.
The following questions are always worth considering, as they help you understand the audience for and purpose of the task:
•What is your role in this scenario?
•Who are you writing to and why?
•What does the task require you to produce or create?
The following questions are related to your specific assignment brief:
Task 1
1)What presentational software will you use for your presentation?
2)What are the features of an effective slide presentation?
3)What is sustainability, and how can it be measured?
4)What are the features of an effective Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?
5)How does the use of KPIs lead to improvement in organisations?
6)What KPIs would be effective in this scenario and why?
7)What images could you use to make your presentation more visually appealing?Remember you must reference images appropriately.
Task 2
1)What are the features of an effective essay?
2)What is management accounting?
3)What are the benefits of effective management accounting?
4)How can management accounting help managers achieve their goals?
5)How can the managers at MAN4FRM use management accounting to help themachieve their goals?
Writing at Level 4
What is expected at Level 4
Overall approach
Writing at Level 4 requires you to show you understand your learning and can present and interpret your findings appropriately.
What the marker wants to see
Understanding of the key learning. You can describe and explain your learning accurately.
Evidence of information from sources outside of the VLE resources.
Application of your learning to the scenario or case study in your assignment.
Evidence of interpretation (see below).
Evidence of interpretation
Interpretation is the way you show your understanding of the information you have presented in your assignment.
Interpretation means that you use your learning to answer questions, solve problems and make decisions, based on your scenario or case study.
Support available
UCEM e-Library
For help with independent research and finding additional source materials
Email for support
Study Skills
VLE area
For help developing your academic skills and further advice on how to carry out analysis and critical thinking.
Assessment Handbook in the Student Hub
For information about the different expectations at different levels of study.
The ‘Glossary of Assessment Terms’. has definitions of key assessment terms that explain what is required from the tasks in your assessment.
Academic Support Tutor
Each module has an Academic Support Tutor who you can contact via email and the Study Support Forum